Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Organizing Telseminar series

A Professional Organizer Colleague in the States - Maggie McCauley has created a great new Home Study Course called — Clearing The Way To Prosperity!

It consists of a 4 week tele-series including an e-workbook with 4 professionally recorded MP3’s.

The course blends Prosperity Principles with the practice of Organizing.

"When we let go of our limiting beliefs around money and let go of our clutter we open the energy for abundance and good to be brought forth."

The 4 sessions Cover:

• Create A Money Consciousness— money intelligence- develop a relationship with your Inner Money Manager, develop positive habits around money and create workable systems for managing money

• Shift the View—understand how perceptions, conditioning, values and beliefs impact our relationship with money and our stuff and begin the process of opening up to make the shift. This session also brings a new awareness around impact of attachments and resistance.

• Release The Old—a step by step process to let go of limiting beliefs around money and stuff

• Implementing New Practices—making a commitment to change habits and patterns and begin to enhance the learning by practicing gratitude, incorporating the Law of Circulation, taking 100% responsibility, getting clarity and meditation

Click here to learn more about this amazing program!
A New View Home Study Course

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

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