Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Want to be Outrageously Healthy?

Being Healthy means so much more than being your 'ideal weight'; having a good fitness level; exercising regularly; eating a balanced diet etc. It takes the right mental attitude and Mindset.

A little while back I met Lenore Miller, who founded Outrageously Healthy. Lenore has created a really supportive community of people with the same sort of healthy life goals, plus experts in ALL Health areas to help you reach those goals. We all need support when it comes to sticking to our goals - whether that help is 'in person' or 'virtual'.

In this day and age being supported virtually is really common, as it's so convenient and is another effective way to help us feel connected while helping to reach our Health goals.

I highly recommend you go and visit Outrageously Healthy and see what they can offer you if you know you need to improve your Health and current Lifestyle

For some extra tips on how to get fit and healthy read this article.

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

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