Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Organize Your Life on You Tube

It's official ! Organize Your Life is on You Tube. We must admit it took a pretty big push for us to finally take our own videos and post them on You Tube. One of those 'outside the comfort zone' things in part! It also had a bit to do with good old Technology - can't live without it - sometimes difficult to live with!"

We will be adding lots more video and audio clips to the website over the coming months on all manner of topics such as Interviews with Professional Organizers who go into peoples homes to re-Organize their lives. We know lots of great PO's as they are known and think they are amazing. The transformational Organizing work they do is really inspiring!

We have a special section on our website here - where you can find your own PO (in Australia). So if you have been thinking about getting the Help of a Professional Organizer for a while, or didn't even know they existed till now, then go find one in your area and Organize Your Life!

Claire McFee
co-Creator Organize Your Life
Interactive e-Organizers


Lori said...

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. You have a beautiful and informative blog, I like.

Yes, would love to share with you. How does that work exactly?
Keep in touch.

Organize Your Life said...

Thanks Lori,

Having had a closer look at your site - you've already got the same sort of thing happening with your blog as a blog list/ Blog roll with the 'Great blogs to See' and 'More blog reading.' so just having smething in there would be great and I'll add you to my list. :)

I notice your profile 'Blogs I follow' is huge. Is that partly how you have such an impressive amount of followers? I assume having those there, and not on the blog itself still helps those people's blogs - like a reciprocal link?

I see you are a cancerian like me -(wonderfully sensitive and ruled by the moon too?!):) What date is your birthday. Mine is the 6th July.

Bye for now Claire,

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