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Over 20 Solutions Organize Your Life has found to help Depression, Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxiety etc

I have just finished writing THE MOST comprehensive article I have ever written. It's about Solutions for Feeling Overwhelmed, Depression, Anxiety Disorders etc - "Solutions you've never heard about for Depression & Feeling Overwhelmed."
As many of you know I have been there, so I know how debilitating it can be. While learning to manage the depression I experienced for many years, I discovered many new ways to reduce the depression symptoms. Many of these solutions are not mainstream but have been the most effective. I certainly wish I had heard about them before to save me an untold amount of time. I am happy that I can help many of you who may be experiencing the same issues.

Having an organized home and life in general has obviously played a big part in keeping depression at bay for me, and from the feedback of countless customers in the 10yrs since I started Organize Your Life, this is your experience too. As they say "A Clutter house equals a cluttered mind."

It's all related, as is everything in our lives - one area affects another, affects another and so on. Above all we need to remember to go easy on ourselves and that BABY STEPS will get us to where we want to be for optimum Mental/Emotional Health, so we can reach our full potential. It is possible!

Here is a Snippet of the article and a link to see the full version.

Be Proactive about your Mental Health and Wellbeing
I have learned to Trust my Gut Instincts. Perhaps you need to learn to do the same? Interestingly, the thoughts that would come to me intermittently over the depressive years about what was 'wrong' with me, but at the time I thought couldn't have been causing the problem were basically the issues I ended up having to deal with that were in large part causing the depression . I now know to trust my instincts I turned my world around and if you need to you can too - or at least steer a loved one in a different direction to help their well being flourish, not flounder any longer.

Hormones Awry!?

I long believed that my hormones were a large part of the 'problems' I was experiencing, but after having blood tests through my GP they appeared quote, unquote "Normal", so I didn't look at this possible cause for another 10 or more years. 5 yrs later I saw a Naturopath, upon the recommendation of a close friend that showed otherwise. This wasn't without trepidation or scepticism. Like a lot of people, I grew up with the impression that Naturopaths and the like were not valid Health Professionals that could REALLY do anything other than a perhaps a placebo effect. Boy was I wrong, and glad to be proven so!!

Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation - Known as TMS - for treatment of Depression

I watched a program on ABC's Catalyst about a treatment for Depression called TMS which the Alfred Hospital was conducting a trial on and looking for participants. The treatment is basically stimulating the part of the brain where depression is said to reside, by 'exciting' the cells into acting more normally. Suffice to say I called up ad was put on a waiting list (of well over a year but worth the wait.) What I noticed about the treatment was all of a sudden, catching myself going down the wrong path thought-wise. I was less likely to catastrophize things and didn't use up valuable energy as a result which led to a massive decrease in lethargy which had a huge effect on my mood and therefore the 'depression.'

Claire McFee
co-Creator Organize Your Life e-Organizers
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