Monday, 7 September 2009

Get yourself Organized to participate in 'World Day of Interconnectedness'

I am a subscriber to a great Organization 'Global Mind Shift' and I just found out about a Special DAY from them coming up on Wednesday called - "World Day of Interconnectedness."

At 9am in every country, in every time zone (starting in New Zealand), "All people who are aware of interconnectedness and who are committed to translate that awareness into action are invited to practice interconnectedness as much as possible throughout the day."

So whether it's sharing your smile around a bit more, making the effort to compliment someone, or volunteering for a Community Group you've been meaning to for ages...the options are endless - Just organize yourself to do it! You will feel great 'connecting' more with others - especially absolute strangers when you see the response you get!

As I strongly believe small acts of kindness can make a difference to a better world - as they say "From Little things Big things Grow' Kev Carmody

Happy Organizing
Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

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Veronica Lee said...

Following you now. Watch that follower list of yours grow!!