Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Moving House - What Not To Do and Save a bucket of Time

Another mother at my children’s school recently moved house. I asked he the other day how the move went and all the unpacking etc. I was surprised to hear her say that she hadn’t actually done a thorough cull/de-clutter BEFORE they moved all their stuff, but rather had it still all in boxes in cupboards to go though ‘down the track’. They had also moved from a bigger house and had about a ¼ less space so definitely needed to downsize.

I say this with compassion and understanding - if only she had been able to organize herself to go though their possessions before they moved, because this would have prevented a copious amount of time, not to mention all the double handling.

The huge job of moving house is SO much easier if you get rid of all those ‘iffy’ possessions we all own, that we need that situational ‘crunch time’ to MAKE us ditch them. Otherwise we can hold on to utter crap to put it bluntly, if we let these opportunities pass us by. Moving House is one of the few ‘life changes’ that can prompt us to properly assess our belongs with the harsh eye needed to cut down on our ‘stuff’.

If we end up in the unenviable position of still having all our accumulated stuff in a new house – to get to later – the fact is later almost never comes. Moving house is a pretty huge event in anyone’s life and it can take us months to ‘recover’ from it, by which time the last thing we feel like doing it something that reminds us of all the hard work of moving house in the first place!!!

So please please please, if you are in the position of moving house any time soon –seriously see it as a wonderful opportunity to downsize – making way for new things in your life - not necessarily material possessions!! Conscientiously make anything new uplifting and more of a reflection of who you are or want to be. So start the sorting and packing process fairly early in the peace when you know you have to move, so that you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have time and that you will have to do it 'after' you’ve moved.

We have a great detailed article about moving house and having a garage sale if you are so inclined (As for me and Garage Sales – I prefer to donate the stuff I don’t want so it's G.O.N.E ASAP, once I’ve decided to ditch it. Check our website out to read it.

I must admit to something a little funny about a recent donating experience though... I did a bit of a cull recently (we are moving into the new house in about six months after all!), so I've started the house moving/de-cluttering process.

Anyway my daughter has a school art project where she has to replicate a miniature bedroom and wanted to see if the OP Shop had any small dolls house furniture. So in we went on the weekend, and what do I pick up thinking it looks quite nice to have a closer look at!!?? A top I gave them only the week before. I had to laugh at myself and remind myself that the reason I gave it away was because the colour wasn’t quite right on me and it didn't fit properly - so I didn't get donation remorse!!! Emma and I thought it was funny anyway!

Happy Organizing
Claire McFee
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