Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Getting your Kids to learn how to be organized and responsible

Something happened the other day that reminded me about the need to teach children to be responsible and organized with their ‘things’ and I wanted to share it with you.

Our daughter has tutoring in town, an hour away, every Friday night. It is her job to make sure she has a change of clothes and her tutor worksheets and weekly book. On one recent occasion Emma forgot her jeans, so that she was only in her super-short tennis shorts and nothing else - ok while paying tennis in daylight, but not once the sun has set and it’s the middle of winter!! Yes... I could make it easy on her and do this job for her, but apart from preventing her from being cold on the odd occasion it wouldn't teach her anything about responsibility or organization. Instead is was a great opportunity to help ensure she doesn't forget in the future.

If I did this an other things like it for her, she wouldn’t be thinking for herself and learning to think ahead and be more responsible for her belongings and the jobs she has to do as she gets older. It’s these experiences I believe, that instill important life lessons in our kids and helps them step up and become more independent. Kids learning to be organized and responsible for their stuff is a big part of this and I give our kids lots of opportunities to step up, so that they get a chance to do this.

Without it there is Over-Dependence on you and worse still, possible stunted emotional growth. Which would you prefer in your growing, developing child? Sure there’ll be some mishaps and mistakes along the way but that’s exactly where the learning comes from!

Happy Organizing
Claire McFee
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Heather D. said...

oh boy I have a lot to learn from you! My hubby is a pack-rat, so this does not help. I hate clutter!!

I saw your comment on MBC and I'm following your blog. I hope you'll check mine too. I post freebies daily and have great giveaways and many more in the works!


Lisa said...

I am so bad at just "doing it myself" instead of training my children. Ugghhh.

I'm hoping for inspiration!

Lisa @
All That and a Box of rocks

Hamperific said...

I absolutely agree... got to love a bit of independence for kids!

Amanda Robins said...

I love it Claire. Just what I needed to hear to get my kids involved in the organization of our home. You guys are a fantastic help!!!

Organize Your Life said...
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Organize Your Life said...

Hi Heather,

thanks for the post. I hat clutter too surprise surprsie !! :)

I will check your blog out too. I am a bargain queen from way back, so love the sound of your blog.....

Messy hubbies can be a challenge. It's all about compromise isn't it? My hubby responds well when I offer to help him go thru his clutter and also when point out with a half smile that I'm sure he doesn't want 'cow Claire' to rear her ugly head !!


Organize Your Life said...

Thanks Amanda,

...we need to give ourselves permission to delegate rather than do it ALL on our own. Anything to make our job easier as parents and to raise Emotionally Healthy kids is a good thing I say!!

Claire :)

Organize Your Life said...

It's any easy trap to get into isn't it Lisa! I think the fact that I was a teacher before starting my internet business helps me to a degree, because I 'know' what a difference it makes by being firm in this way and also how much more capable kids are than they would like us to believe sometimes!

I have found it to be the same with restricting TV watching at times and having to take gluten out of our kids diet a few years ago - they kicked and screamed about it at first but after a matter of days/weeks max they simply got used to it. So I see it as a little bit of pain for a whole lot of gain.

We're only human though !! so wherever you are with your kids and whatever dynamic you have, you can handle it. :) Claire

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