Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Outrageously Healthy Free Tele-Seminar Series....Expert Guest Line up

Well the TeleSeminar I blogged about recently has been and gone and I am happy to say it was a blast. Talking with Lenore for an hour about Organizing Solutions absolutely flew - with lot of listener interaction!

We covered a lot of content – based on the top 5 Dis-organization Signals and how to handle them. It was great that there were so many listeners on the call and that so many sent in various q’s as well. There are heaps more Expert Speakers in the coming weeks (as seen below), so go sign up for the webinars (by becoming a free ruby member to the site) - which will get you several freebies from both of us. So get in quick! http://www.outrageouslyhealthy.com/rep/organizeyourlife.html

Lenore's just sent me this lovely comment about our interview which was really nice of her. She is such an inspirational lady, that I want to interview her for our subscribers soon too!

“Thank you so much for the excellent value you gave to our members on our interview this morning Claire. Your passion and expertise is inspiring and I know many of our members have been given new fabulous tips that will help them get organized and live the outrageously healthy life they deserve. I especially appreciate your honest warm approach. Our planet certainly needs people like you”
Lenore Miller
Founder and Host
Outrageously Healthy

Outrageously Healthy Free Expert Tele-Seminar Series Line-Up
Phyllis Briggs - will tell us how she risked $27000 and lost 27 kilos

Paige Haines - will show us how to reduce stress and increase the quality of your life quickly & easily

Holly George - discuss the Real Effects of Imbalances in Western Lifestyle and how we can overcome them

Liz Lichti and Laura Whitelaw - will help Boost Your Self Esteem and Achieve your Dream Life! using great fast effective methods live on the CALL!

Janelle Manton - will show how Success, Style and Sexuality - are Everything a woman needs!

Angie Tousignant - will show us How To Transform our Bodies and Relationships, she has some super cool workouts for us to workout with our significant other or workouts just for you

Amanda Moxley will share her outrageously healthy approach to holisitc health

Cyndi O'Meara - from Changing Habits Changing Lives will be sharing some super cool information with us about living an outrageously healthy lifestyle.

Here's the link again to get in on the action & get 4 Free Organizing eBooks hot off the shelf! http://www.outrageouslyhealthy.com/rep/organizeyourlife.html

Happy Organizing
Claire McFee
Organize Your Life Organizers

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