Wednesday, 9 September 2009

How to Organize a Gluten Free Diet - New Book

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, from popular US talk back show The View - has written a great book to help those who are gluten intolerant; allergic to gluten or have coeliac disease. The book is called “The G Free Diet – A Gluten–Free Survival Guide. “

Our two kids were diagnosed with being Gluten Intolerant about 4 years ago and it’s been a learning curve ever since. The gluten free range has improved dramatically over that time thank goodness, with prices falling in the most part reflecting how common it has become as well. We were dealing with some physical symptoms but had no idea just how much the overload of gluten was affecting our kids behaviour. After the first 24 hrs off gluten the improvement in behaviour was profound. We had happy, skipping, singing children - not kids who were ready to bite our heads off with no warning.

Being gluten intolerant is tricky for kids who often feel like they aren’t allowed to have anything their friends have, but researching gluten free recipes and the growing number of Gluten Free cook books, minimises this markedly.

Now that my daughter is a tween, her skin is easily affected by what she eats, so it’s a good self-deterrent – no one wants pimples. Kids ultimately need to learn to monitor it themselves, which takes a lot of self-discipline and by a natural side effect strengthens self discipline. So although it can be a pain and add a fair bit to your grocery bill, it makes the family as a whole much more aware of healthy and not so healthy food products and being more aware of the correlation of how you feel after eating certain foods. My kids will now (thankfully) say things like “I didn’t have any …(whatever) at the party).. because last time I did it made me I had…instead." That’s pretty good for a 7 and 10 yr old !! Although our poor Naturopath, who diagnosed their intolerance has remained the bad guy for taking away all ‘the good stuff!

Happy Organizing
Claire McFee
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